“Don’t Be a Jerk” – Podcast Interview by LeftFoot

May 12th, 2016

I was recently interviewed by LeftFoot, a podcast for professionals that shares resources and tips on developing new business and retaining clients.

Click here to listen to my episode “Don’t Be a Jerk” on iTunes.

Some of the takeaways:

Take a genuine interest: clients want their attorney to know who they are; what their interests are; so you represent those interests when you represent them

Be a connector: connect people with each other, with opportunities, think about others and help generate business for others through introductions and connections

Narrow in on the clients in your niche: be where they are; as a speaker or contributing content – when they need services they’ll think of you and your perspective

Important not to be a jerk: represent your clients zealously and firmly while treating the opposing party with respect

Opposing counsel is your peer: remain courteous; peer relationships follow you as long as you’re practicing in that region and practice area

Social media and providing content: creates an avenue with new audiences that wouldn’t be aware of your services otherwise

Be confident: and represent yourself in a way that is appealing to the type of people you want to work with; business development in professional services is different - they’re hiring you for you

Millennial, Mobile, Global: get involved within the community your trying to target, give back and you’ll form genuine relationships