Please Vote for my Panel at SXSW

August 29th, 2013

I organized a panel that will hopefully take place at SXSW 2014.  Please vote for it and share with your networks.  It will be an insightful and advanced discussion of music licensing strategy and negotiation.

$ync to $uccess: How to Get Placed & Get Paid

With the decline in album sales, synch licensing has become the primary revenue source for many artists. As thousands of content creators vie for the attention of a select group of music supervisors, coming up with creative ways to stand out can be daunting. Whether you’re doing it on your own or with a team of pitching partners, you will learn the best tactics, strategies, and emerging trends for making the most money from licensing.

Learn about the most effective ways to build your licensing syndicate including the benefits and disadvantages of signing with publishers, administrators, and song pluggers. Panelists will discuss the process of negotiating licenses, including creative tactics to maximize licensing income while accommodating projects of all budget sizes and constraints. Hear from experts on all sides of the licensing process – the music supervisor, the attorney, the song plugger, and the traditional publisher.