April’s Notable Hirings, Firings, Promotions & Mergers

April 30th, 2013

Universal Music Group has named Will Tanous as executive vice president and head of global communications, effective April 15.

AOL Music has been shut down with lots of layoffs resulting.

Event: April 30 – The Business of Songwriting: Enhanced Music Publishing Made Simple

April 15th, 2013

Enhanced Music Publishing Made Simple is a workshop that informs independent songwriters and composers about how to monetize their original music in the new, changing digital marketplace. Taught by pro-songwriter and Berklee grad AmandaWilliams, Enhanced Music Publishing Made Simple covers what happens to your property (your songs) when you enter a publishing deal, answers common questions about licensing, royalties, contracts and collections, and provides food for thought about how to structure your independent songwriting business to suit your own needs. The workshop also discusses the exclusive rights related to your original songs (your copyrights) and shows you how those rights correspond to a particular royalty stream. Topics include:

  • ·         Copyrights – what are they & how do they correspond to royalties
  • ·         Publishing – what is the role of a publisher in the new market place
  • ·         Industry basics – terminology, common practices, & what to avoid
  • ·         Catalogue management – establishing good practices & habits


Amanda Williams is a Grammy nominated songwriter, performer, educator and philanthropist. A magna cum laude MusicBusiness from Berklee College of Music, she has had songs recorded by Garth Brooks, George Jones, Tyler Dickerson, Alecia Nugent, Jessie James and more. Her philanthropic work has led her to perform for the likes of Ambassador Andrew Young, President Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey. Amanda founded her own enhanced music publishing company in 2010 to provide education and mentoring to aspiring songwriters of all ages. To learn more about Amanda, visit songwritingandmusicbusiness.com or amandawilliamsmusic.com.


Women in Music is a dynamic group of individuals in music working together to support, cultivate and recognize the talents ofwomen in our field. Through educational seminars, panels, workshops, networking events, showcases, our annual Touchstone Awards, and other gala events, we provide camaraderie and tools for advancement to hundreds of members in all areas of music.

Tinderbox Arts produces music events, showcases, and workshops– most notably among them being the Tinderbox MusicFestival, which showcases emerging female artists producing innovative original music while giving back to NYC nonprofits empowering young women through the arts. In its three years, Tinderbox has brought CocoRosie, Jean Grae, Holly Miranda, Bitch, and Jenny Owen Youngs to its stages; partnered with Converse, Time Out New York, ASCAP, Red Bull Soundstage; and received press from The New York Times, Billboard, The New Yorker, and Glamour.


Curated by singer-songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky, an enthusiastic member of Women in Music and a Tinderbox Arts artist.


La-la-lawsuits: A Look Back on March’s Finest Litigious Moments

April 1st, 2013

YouTube hit “Harlem Shake“‘s writer/producer Harry Bauer Rodrigues apparently failed to get permission to use at least two samples embodied on the track.  The hit begins with reggaeton artist Hector Delgado singing “con los terroristas” and also used rapper Jayson Musson’s voice yelling “do the Harlem Shake,” without permission from either artist.  ”Harlem Shake” has been at the top of the Billboard 100 for weeks now and has sold close to a million downloads, so the payouts for these uncleared samples could be huge.