US Copyright Office Announces Priorities for Next Two Years

November 8th, 2011

On October 25, the US Copyright Office released a document which summarizes the priorities of the Copyright Office for the next two years.

Here is a list of the top priorities.  For more detail, the full document is available for download here.


  • Small claims solutions for copyright owners
  • Legal treatment of pre-1972 sound recordings
  • Mass book digitization

Legislative Work

  • Rogue websites
  • Illegal streaming
  • Public performance right in sound recordings
  • Orphan works
  • Copyright exceptions for libraries
  • Market-based licensing for cable and satellite retransmission

Trade and Foreign Relations

  • World intellectual property organization (WIPO)
  • Trans-pacific partnership and other trade priorities

Administrative Law Practice

  • Prohibition on circumvention of measures controlling access to copyrighted works
  • Electronic system for the designation of agents under the DMCA
  • Review of group registration options
  • Registration options for websites and other forms of digital authorship
  • Electronic administration of the statutory licenses
  • Recording notices of termination of copyright transfers

Special Projects

  • Study of fees and services
  • Revision of the compendium of Copyright Office practices
  • Technical upgrades to electronic registration
  • Dialogues and roundtables with copyright community
  • Research partnerships with academic community
  • Revision of Copyright Office website
  • Public outreach and copyright education
  • Business process reengineering of recordation division
  • Public access to historical records
  • Skills training for Copyright Office staff

Do you think the priority list is addressing the most pressing current issues in copyright law?  In the coming weeks, I plan on exploring some of these topics through blog posts that will address them individually in detail.