Event Recap: Get Your Goals!

October 7th, 2011

Last night at BMI, Women in Music hosted another event, this one was a workshop called Get Your Goals, with Jordana Jaffe, founder of Quarter Life Clarity.  Jordana gives workshops for groups of women and also meets one-on-one with clients.

Jordana explained techniques and strategies on how to get clearer on your goals and achieve them.

She outlined an 8-step path to finding clarity in goals:

(1) Identify where you’re stuck

(2) Be clear on what you want

(3) Make an easy to follow plan

(4) Imagine the end result

(5) Change your language

(6) Letting go

(7) Practicing gratitude

(8) Getting quiet

Jordana then went through each step, outlining what it means and ways to do it.

Some examples:

A good start is to ask yourself the following: “If ____________ wasn’t in my life, I would be happier.“  The blank can be a person, emotion, thing, anything really.  This is the obstacle though that you’re up against.

Create an “I Want” List. Sit down for 10 minutes and write down whatever it is you want.  Don’t censor, just let it all come out.  It could be a cup of coffee or world peace, but when you’ve finished, look over the list and look for patterns about yourself.  Often what we want is more about how we think we’re going to feel once we get that.  Focus on how you want to feel rather than what you actually want. In other words, why do you want that. There may be ways to get that feeling today, that aren’t tied to the ‘want’.

Break down the ‘wants’ into very very tiny steps.  The tiniest steps possible.  It may seem ridiculous, but it will make the tast less daunting.  As Jordana referenced throughout the event, you can’t eat an entire pie in one bite.  You take small bites in order to finish it.

Accountability partners and goal groups. Find an accountability partner who you can email once a week (or once a day, or month, whatever works) with a list of your goals for the week.   Have them hold you to them and be hard on your if you don’t reach them.  By writing down your goals and showing someone else, you’re more likely to achieve them.  Put together a Goals Group – a group of people who get together once or twice a month and discuss your goals, victories and obstacles.  They can offer ideas to help work past blocks.

Imagine the end result.  You can’t have 15 priorities.  Figure out what your top 3 priorities are and focus on those.  Create a Vision Board or Vision Box with images to help you visualize your goals.  Pinterest.comwas described as a great resource for this.

Gratitude Journal.  Every day write down 15 things you’re grateful for.

Get Quiet.  Take time to meditate or be quiet with yourself to figure out what you really want and how to get there.