Established Artists Using Kickstarter: Amanda Palmer Raises $100k!

September 12th, 2011

With 20 days left to fundraise, Amanda Palmer has already raised more the $99,ooo on Kickstarter to fund an upcoming 5 date tour.

Palmer describes the event on the Kickstarter page:

we’ll have a piano, a ukulele, and maybe some other weird instruments, as well as some unpublished and uncollected Neil Gaiman stories and poems. we’ll both probably switch up what we’re presenting from night to night. we’ll be taking questions from the audience, chat-style, and trying to do special things in each venue, busting out a few surprises, and more or less trying to feel like we’ve connected with you, the people we love and usually only get to talk to directly on twitter & blog-land.

Pledges start at $1 and all pledging options about $200 have already sold out (including 5 $2,500 rewards).  I’m guessing they’ll need to add some more if they want to continue to raise much more money.

Kickstarter is mostly used to benefit independent creative projects, but, as evidenced here, even more established artists can take advantage of the service.