Show Recap: Charlene Kaye, Quintus @ Rockwood Music Hall

August 19th, 2011

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Charlene Kaye play a last minute set at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1.  It was just Charlene on piano (and sometimes guitar) and a handful of special guests trickling on and off the stage.

Charlene’s new material is excellent, and I can’t wait to hear her new album.

One of the special guests was Darren Criss of Glee fame (he’s Kurt’s boyfriend Blaine on the show).

Here is a video of Charlene and Darren singing “Dress and Tie.”

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Later on in the evening, I returned to Rockwood to see the band Quintus.  I hadn’t seen them play for probably 5 years, and it was a really solid show.  I love seeing bands when its clear they’ve played together for years.  These guys love to play with each other, and it comes across through their music.  I loved their new tunes (well, new to me at least) and can’t wait to check out the recorded versions.

After Quintus, on the way out, I listened to about a song of the next band.  I’m watching them play and noticing that something is a little off.  See if you can spot in this video what makes this band different from all other rock bands (at least all that I’ve seen) – warning: spoiler after the video.

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Drumming with his BARE HANDS! Ouch! It hurts just watching it.