Event: The New Master of Your Domain? ICANN’s New Top Level Domains

July 22nd, 2011


Wed. Aug 3rd · iBreakfast  8:00 – 12:00 pm
Herrick, Feinstein LLC  ·  2 Park Ave. NYC
Master of Your Domain?

Brands, categories, even ideas can be your domain.     

ICANN’s ruling on the domain registries forever altered the way brands, associations and other entities are represented online. The “dot com” era will soon be replaced with a myriad of possibilities involving “dot brand” and “dot generic” – essentially “dot anything.” The implications for SEO and trademark protection are critical, and the opportunities presented to brands, industry associations – even investors – is exploding.

Is this the new lakefront property bonanza of the Internet?  This iBreakfast Conference will sort through the opportunities and surrounding issues.


Roland LaPlante, SVP, CMO, Afilias
Mike Davies,
Marketing Director, Verisign  Ken Hansen, Sen. Dir. Business Development, New TLDs, NeustarBen Crawford, CEO, CentralNic and dotBrand Solutions

Michael Berkens, Industry Consultant & Blogger Right Of The Dot    

Wendy Selzer, Esq., Princeton Center for IT Policy Barry Werbin, IP Group Chair & Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP   

Robert/Stuart Lawley, CEO, ICM Registry

Anastasia O’Rourke, Big Room Inc.

Scott Seitz, CEO, DotGay LLC   

Edmun Chong, CEO, DotAsia Organisation;  

Dirk Kirchenowski, Founder, Dot Berlin (remote)

Annalisa Roger, Founder/CEO DotGreen (remote)

Moderated by Paul Farkas, Smart TLDs
Presented by Alan Brody, TECHmarketing



How will the Web be impacted by New TLDs:

* The Impact of New TLDs on .Com, .Org, and Country-Code Domain Extensions;

* Brands and SMB Opportunities to Increase Brand Identity and Optimize Marketing and Need to Act Defensively;

* The Progression of World Cities gaining Sovereign Digital Land to Strengthen Public and Private Sectors and Global Relations;

* The Voice of Cultural and Interest Groups to be Heard Locally, Regionally, and Globally

Daily living is increasingly more connected with the internet. Social media, mobile apps, and on-demand cloud technology are taking us to places we have never been before. The increased ability to secure prime branding is needed as as the threshold to conduct and promote business is becoming exponentially democratized and across multiple touch-points across digital and social media Across most generations, digital natives and savvy users are using the web in so many new ways as virtual and physical worlds are merging to form our post-digital worlds.

The implications for big business, smbs, cities, content developers, advertisers, marketers, investors, interest groups and the mainstream social prosumer is overwhelming and portends a great new shift in the digital media world. While brands see opportunity, but fear trademark infringement. Cities and regions can follow-suit to countries, gaining new prime digital ground to optimize the needs and goals of its government, business, community and tourism sectors. Leading consortiums and entrepreneurs in key industry verticals have the opportunity to gain presence and traction within the crowded and noisy online, and soon mobile environment. Public interest groups and less-connected cultures have the chance for increased awareness and voice, but also the risk of greater digital divide.